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Umesh Mathur


Author and Educationist, former journalist and documentary film maker, a cultural and business expert on Japan. 

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  • Presently, heading operations of an organization working in the area of educational technology and socially relevant projects.

  • Developing permanent showcases for projecting India's cultural heritage and spirituality for easy understanding both in India and overseas.

  • Also developing manuscripts and curricular courses on spiritual education through modern convergence and media technologies for easy understanding by people.

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Latest Book

Mindful Breathing for Better Immunity

Breath in its various hues is significant to human life. It is a vital life process without which existence and sustenance is impossible. Right breathing practices enable us to live a comfortable and disease free lifestyle and incorrect breathing practices can lead us to a life of recurring diseases. 

It is the easiest and most efficient means of regaining our natural state of mind and body corrupted over the years, by our excessive indulgence in the materialistic world. From ancient healers to modern therapists, everybody has acknowledged the healing power of the breath. 

In this book, we have made an attempt to explain about mindful breathing, stress, its impact on the human body, improper breathing as the cause for generation of disease, process of mindful breathing, healing the body and pranayama. 

A detailed understanding of the breathing process is also conveyed for those who would like to understand the complete physiological and biological process of breathing. 

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Umesh Mathur


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