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CV: Welcome
CV: Welcome
  • Presently, heading operations of an organization working in the area of educational technology and socially relevant projects.

  • Developing permanent showcases for projecting India's cultural heritage and spirituality for easy understanding both in India and overseas.

  • Also developing manuscripts and curricular courses on spiritual education through modern convergence and media technologies for easy understanding by people.

  • Conceived, planned and executed India's Educational Technology through Video project for mass education, popularly known as Teleteach with studios in Delhi and Bombay which made available over 2500 films from a single source at affordable prices.

  • Has been closely involved with development initiatives on the educational multimedia development front in the govt. sector to project Indian culture, history and environment.

  • Served on the National Media Planning and Coordination Committees of several government ministries like Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Rural development, Dept of Science and Technology, Electronics Commissions, Dept. of Adult education.

  • Created Garden of Spiritual Wisdom in Sarnath, Varanasi. 

  • The garden uses a mix of exhibits and sculptures to convey the essentials of spirituality and life skills   education as drawn from ancient Indian wisdom. 

  • Written Five books titled : An Overview of Buddhist Teachings – The Key Takeaways, Buddhist India: An Overview of Indian Buddhist Sites, Mindful Breathing for Better Immunity, Cognitive Behavior Therapy and also one book on Understanding India’s Property Market. Visit his Kindle author page: 

  • Was awarded Inspire Spiritual & Wellness Visionary Award 2017 for outstanding contribution in the field of Spiritual tourism through design of Garden of Spiritual Wisdom in Sarnath, Varanasi to communicate Indian Spirituality through sculptures and artistic exhibits in a serene environment.  Was awarded certificate of excellence by Tripadvisor.

  • Was awarded Inspire Spiritual & Wellness Visionary Award 2016 for "Excellent Author in Mind-Body-Spirit Books" and in recognition of outstanding contribution towards the Spiritual and Wellness Community of India.

  • Prolific expert on educational and documentary films production with nearly 380 films produced by him in different formats.

  • Has been attending overseas educational film markets and computer software expositions as a delegate and also for making presentations on current issues at international seminars.    

  • Founder member of Indo Japan Software Research Committee (IJSRC). Brought in several software delegations to India. Organized several talks and Indian participation at major international expositions like World PC Expo, Japan as Director, IJSRC.

  • Promoted Indo Japan relations by bringing out publications like Indo Japan Commerce, a Trade Journal Guide for Japanese businessmen and another book on business relations between the two countries.

  • Have been writing a column for a Japanese newspaper on Indo Japan subjects and relations.

  • Contributed to cultural cooperation between India and Japan by organizing several events and also cooperated in the promotion of Indo Japan Art Institute.

  • Facilitated substantial exchange between the Japanese Govt. and Indian software companies with a view to facilitate software exports.

  • Served as a reputed journalist with India's leading daily The Hindustan Times and The Indian Express group of publications as correspondent, SCREEN with over thousands of published articles.

  • Was representative for SUN magazine in Bombay and also UNI, India's premier News agency.

  • Conducted several panel discussions with professionals and celebrities under Doordarshan's Focus and Current Affairs program between '82 and '95.

  • Presented TV programs regularly, and amongst others, presented panel discussions / programmes with Amitabh Bachchan, Shashi Kapoor, Shyam Benegal, Sanjay Khan, Sayeed Mirza, Madame Kawakita of Japan and Eris Ekman of Turkey. Also a fashion program with Vimla Patil, Editor Femina.

  • Films produced by him have been telecast countrywide and are widely acclaimed. Have been giving television programmes and shows on subjects of national interest.

  • Amongst the better known films produced and directed by him are : "The Pahargarh Rock Paintings; A People's movement (on Chipko Andolan); Action West Bank - Calcutta; A new faith (on renewable energy sources); Computers in day to day life; telefilm - Aisa Ho To Kaisa Ho; Kayakalp; Role of Delhi in Freedom Struggle; Teen Nazaare on legal literacy; four films on Goa's geography, culture, history and achievements; two films on child marriages etc.

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CV: About

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