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The Science and Art of Living

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

Realization or self-awareness is crucial. This can come about with the simple act of becoming aware. Aware through a process of simply watching. Watching your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Watching them in the third person, just being aware of them, looking at them and giving them the liberty to come and go. When you do this, you release them. You stop becoming a consumer, or a victim of these emotions.

It is then that you come into your natural self, your happy original condition in which you were born, till we ourselves took on and choose to weave the web of negativity all around us.

This process of healing takes place quite automatically when we sit in a mode of restful awareness. The grip of emotions loosens its hold, thoughts gradually stop growing their weed like roots in your field of awareness or consciousness if you will. The good or happy harmones take over, the breath becomes rhythmical and the whole of one’s being moves from being cluttered and chaotic to rest and peace.

This indeed is the process of meditation. Meditation again, is a process mired in much mysticism and sometimes, rituals and religion. But simply put, it is a scientific and now medically validated method of transformation through a process of cleansing of emotions, clutter, negative thoughts, negative dispositions, turmoil and inner restlessness.

It uncovers the inner core of one’s being to its original self. It has been medically established therefore that the physical age of meditators, actually is less than that of non-meditators. It simply retards the process of ageing. It improves productivity, you get done a lot more in much lesser time, the thought process becomes more expansive and inclusive.

You feel a sense of abundance as you start being more receptive to all that there is on offer in the universe. In the negative state, we do not notice opportunities and possibilities.

But when the mind is made light and is bereft of its heavy baggage of insulted ego, jealously, hatred, guilt, low self-esteem, lack of self-love, worry, anxiety, regret, fear of the unknown etc., it gradually becomes expansive and very creative. Meditation is actually the discipline of culturing the mind. It is not at all difficult and believe me, you can initiate yourself into it and not spend like a zillion years, looking for a spiritual master.

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